Feel As Good As You Look

Forget everything you know about active wear.

Maria Bonita Brazilian Fitwear combines high performance functionality and cozy comfort with a unique style that empowers women. Now you can feel great and look amazing whether you’re in the gym or the grocery store.

Hello gorgeous. You’re in the right place.

Maria Bonita Customers

Our products are designed exclusively for free and authentic women.

Heroines of their own stories that still manage to balance key roles throughout the day for others. The kind of women that respect their own bodies, are dedicated to healthy living and prefer high quality products.

Women that eat clean, love exercising & know the value in giving back.

Our products are perfect for unapologetically bold women ready to join the movement. Women like you. Never settle for “basic” again. You deserve better…

...And you know it.

Maria Bonita Mission

Our mission is to unleash your inner bombshell by transforming your closet with unique styles you won’t find in US stores.

We want to be your “ally” in your healthy lifestyle journey, that’s why we invest in content of empowerment, tips for workouts, recipes, mind and soul balance.

At the same time, we contribute to making our society a better place, that’s why we donate 10% of our profits to organizations that are making a difference in women’s lives around the globe.

Maria Bonita Products

Our apparel is meticulously developed in Brazil to highlight the feminine body and fit like a second skin.

Each piece is designed to highlight your curves, shape, and silhouette to perfection.

All while hiding things  you might not be comfortable showing off like cellulite, stubborn love handles and embarrassing transparency while you walk, train and squat.

Our premium fabric is breathable, stimulates circulation & extremely comfy! You deserve versatile versatile pieces you can wear to the gym, to lunch, to a music festival or on a date.

Maria Bonita’s fashionable fitwear will give your imagination wings.

Maria Bonita CEO

Daiane Mendes

"I am a walking metamorphosis on a journey of self knowledge and constant transformation, in this endless process I fell in love with life a couple of times, I discovered that seeking discomfort is the key to the best version of myself. Can you relate?

In the insane routine of being a mother, a business owner, poker player and a holistic nutrition student (amongst other things), a dream was born within me to share my discoveries and encourage women around me to love each other more, to feel more comfortable with themselves in discomforting times, and move towards the best versions of themselves. Maria Bonita Fitwear is part of this dream that’s taking form and shaping it into reality.

Will you come along with me to see where our journey leads?"